Clean Room Hinged Door

  • Clean Room Door

    Clean Room Door

    Corridor with Blue Doors with Vision Panel - Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Clean Room Door

    Clean Room Door

    Grey Operating Theatre Door - Hospital – Portugal

  • Clean Room Door

    Clean Room Door

    Yellow and White - Hospital - Spain

To guarantee the safe flow of people and goods inside the facilities, as well as perfect integration flush with the vertical modules.

Maximum hygiene guaranteed, avoiding the existence of horizontal surfaces, corners or hollows where contaminant particles can accumulate.

60 mm thick panel with 40-45 kg/m3 polyurethane insulation with a pre-lacquered galvanised steel finish (available in various colours).

The panels can also be made with rock wool.

Aluminium:aluminium frame flush with the panel, allowing for perfect positioning of accessories and options, such as:

Junction profiles between the frame and the PVC panels. The thickness of the panel allows for the passage of wires and tubes.

Clamp hinges in A-304 stainless steel.

Inside and outside handle in A-304 stainless steel, lock optional.


  • Vision Panels.
  • Traffic Lights.
  • Locking systems.
  • Automatic spring closer.