Fire Rated Doors EI2 60-90-120 min


Fire doors with 1 or 2 panels with different degrees of fire resistance (60-90-120 minutes). These can be installed in any kind of industry to avoid the spread of fire in the event this occurs.

These doors comply with the European fire protection standards.

63 mm thick panel made up of 2 sheets of galvanised steel, 0.8 mm thick, assembled without welding, with flame retardant and insulating materials inside.

Multiple finishes with options such as a vision panel, panic bar or lock.

Galvanised steel profiled frame, 1.5 mm thick, incorporating a graphite expansion joint and there are 4 brackets on the side to facilitate fixing it to the wall.

Handle with steel case set into the panel with a 1 to 3-point lock and 3 double flap hinges 3 mm thick, screwed to the panels and anchored to the frame.


  • Certified fire door vision panel.
  • Panic bar.
  • Lock.