• 1985: Portiso opened in France, with a single factory in Peyrat-le-Château (Limoges). Since then, it has become one of the most prestigious manufacturers of isothermal doors for the important French agri-food industry.


  • 2005: Portiso was bought by the Purever Group, which gave rise to Portiso France. Important modernisation was carried out on the factory, consolidating the image of our doors on the French market.


  • 2006: opening of Portiso Ibérica, which has a production line in the modern Purever Group factory in Portugal (Nelas), aimed at increasing our presence on the Spanish and Portuguese markets.


  • 2009: opening of Portiso UK, with a factory very close to Cardiff (Wales), in order to introduce our isothermal doors into the important British market. Portiso soon became a benchmark for quality in the United Kingdom.


  • 2010: Portiso France bought its French competitor Getam Portes, integrating its door factory in St. Carné (Brittany), thus completing its range of doors and assuring its leadership on the French market.