Hydraulic Dock Leveller


This is used to span the distance and the height between the loading bays and the lorry beds. Thanks to its hydraulic pivoting mechanism and its folding arm, it makes loading and unloading operations much easier.

Simple, adaptable and functional adjustment system which is indispensable in the logistics sector and in factories with a lot of freight traffic.

Platform with a capacity for 6 tonnes of cargo, it consists of an upper anti-slip (avoids accidents) diamond plate floor 6/8 mm thick and a set of laminated profiles and protective side skirts (so that nothing falls down).

Extendable arm with diamond plate, 13/15 mm thick, folded and milled at the end, allows the platform to adapt to the distance and height of the lorry and make it easier for forklifts to work.

Base plate made from laminated profiles. On top of this are the platform and the hydraulic set, which has 1 lifting cylinder for standard sizes, as well as a 1 cylinder arm.

Finish: galvanised steel. Optional: finish in lacquered or stainless steel.

1.1 kW Motor operating at 220/380 V-50 Hz and IP 54 or IP 55 moisture protection.

Control panel with voltage of 3x380 V-50 Hz (standard). Operates at 24 VAC. Other voltages on request.

In compliance with the EU standard, the platform has the following safety mechanisms:

  • Fall protection safety valve.
  • Emergency stop activated by an isolator switch or by a voltage drop.
  • Safety bar preventing it from closing during maintenance tasks.