Loading Bay Bumpers


To protect the outside of the loading bays and the back of the lorries, as the bumpers cushion any contact the lorry might make when approaching to load or unload.

Guarantees greater efficiency in the loading and unloading process, by maintaining the necessary distance between the dock leveller and the lorry.

Tough and resistant, the bumpers are designed and made from several elastic materials that absorb impacts and limit possible damage as far as possible.

Fixing: using metal bolts, welding or a combination of both.


Polyurethane bumpers: these provide the maximum resistance to wear and tear and they can be reversed. They are highly resistant to weather conditions, grease and oil and their composition offers better cushioning of impacts from lorries.

Steel and rubber bumpers: the base of the bumpers is very often made from galvanised steel and covered with EPDM rubber, which is long-lasting and resistant to weather conditions.

Rubber bumpers: high resistance and durability.