Portiso factories all observe the Purever Group's quality policies, which are based on continuous monitoring of the industrial process, modern methods, standardisation of procedures, in-house and external quality auditing, tracking and final guarantee to the client.

The finish on each door is aesthetically pleasing, reliable and highly durable, using only the best quality materials with proven resistance, which are subjected to strict controls in our laboratories.

The quality department is in charge of monitoring all the products before they leave the factory, in order to assure clients that the product they are getting complies with all of the established quality standards.

If a client makes a complaint, the quality department undertakes to deal with the incident and provide a satisfactory solution to the client within no more than 48 hours.

Portiso factories have ISO-9001 certification for the quality of their processes and their own strict quality controls. In addition, all of the products are always manufactured according to European standards and are certified with the CE mark (or equivalent if this does not exist) to assure clients that the product is of the highest quality and complies with all of the existing regulations.