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    High-speed Door - Supermarket – Portugal

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    High-speed Door with protection - Supermarket - Portugal

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    Control Panel for High-speed Door - Supermarket - Portugal

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    High-speed Door Lintel Cover - Supermarket - Portugal

Installed inside the factory or building, these are used to separate different work areas where there is heavy vehicle traffic and an intensive flow of goods. Used in warehouses, logistics centres, supermarkets and in all kinds of production plants.

Attractive design with an extruded, anodised or lacquered aluminium structure. The self-supporting structure is quick and easy to install, whether on the wall or on the panel.

The tarpaulin is rolled up around an aluminium shaft, travelling over high quality bearings, with the aim of reducing wear and tear and increasing durability.

Canvas in high quality flexible PVC, 1 mm thick and weighing 950 g/m², very resistant and reliable. Includes a transparent vision panel.

Flame retardant treatment, self-extinguishing and UV treatment to protect if from sunlight.

Wide range of colours available: yellow, blue, grey, orange, red, green.

Gear motor with high yield electro-brake, operating at 230/400 V- 50 Hz. The handle can be blocked manually in the event of a power cut.

The easily programmed control panel is made from high quality material and equipped with a frequency shifter, single-phase feed and three-phase output to the motor. 12/24 VDC power source with incorporated electricity stabilisation. Potentiometer to regulate the automatic closer and speed control.

Voltage: 380/400 V – 50 Hz. Optional: 220V.

Wind rating: Class 2.

CE Mark in compliance with all the requirements of the European EN13241-1:2003 safety standard for preventing accidents and minimising damage. Safety elements included:

  • Emergency stop on both sides. 
  • Active safety edge that cushions any kind of impact when the door is being closed, thus avoiding any harm or damage.
  • Safety photocells that stop the door from closing if a person or vehicle is going through.


  • Structure in different colours.
  • Tarpaulin customisation.
  • Different layouts for vision panels.
  • Signposting options: traffic lights, flashing lights…
  • Opening options: Radar, Magnetic Field, Remote Control, Handles.